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Are social networks good for our society

Social network is one of the hottest and modern online trends in these days. Small children also know about social networking and their uses. Some people consider it as one of the greatest option that improved our life but some others worried about its impact that badly effect on human lives. It is true if we thinking from both sides. As everything in this world, social networking also has both positive and negative qualities. It provides lots of benefits to human life as well as it also harm human life. The invention of networks changes the structure of our world. We can see unimaginable changes that happened in these days due to the presence of internet. Using these facilities in right way always provide best results. It simplifies the human effort and work load by simple clicks and touches. Today we can get everything at the tips of our finger and we will get all the news’s that happening around the world. We can talk and see the live moment of the people far away from us. These are possible, only because of the invention of the internet and usages of social networks.

There is no one in this era without the knowledge about the social sites and social Medias. People love all the facilities provided by the social networks. Social media’s plays an important role in social marketing that is social Medias occupies major part of online marketing. Today, many of the seller and client interaction process with the help of social networking sites. But still the question arises, are social networks good or bad for our society and human life. Most of the times our answer as good but by some situation we would think that it is not good for our life and society. This is mainly depends on how the society treat it and how to utilize it for their needs. Proper and limited use of social network always provides good and unimaginable result. But today’s world overly addicted to social networks. This may produce lots of problems in human life. Now we can go throw both advantages and disadvantages of social networks.

  • Social network increase the interaction between the people: it is clear that, social networks improve the interaction and strengthen the bond between the people around the world. In earlier days, there are no facilities to interact the people who are far from us following different culture and life styles. But with the help of social networks, it is possible to make a strong bond among people around the world without any difficulties. This is only possible because of the help of social network facilities. Today we can make thousands of friends from different places without any effort. Through this connection, it is possible to concern about each other. Also we can enquire about our closed one who is far away from us with these facilities. The chatting and audio, video calling facilities improves relationship and staying in contact with your friends and family is an enthusiastic inclination loaded with more joy. Online based social networking soon breaks individual obstacles and we are soon into a universe of sharing bliss, trouble, and a wide range of feelings. Aside from just associations, we are likewise refreshed about the day by day news around the globe. We are refreshed about any sort of important and earnest news on the spot from these system locales.

  • Social networks improve the businesses: today a social network provides lots of opportunities for people to improve their business. We can see that lots of advertisements and sales through social networks. Today, most of the people spend their major part in front of social Medias. So such kind’s of advertisement and sales are attracting for them and it improves the profit of the business. Lots of online sites are mushroomed within the short period of time. We can buy anything from any corner of the world only with simple click. In previous day, it is impossible to buy anything from our nearest town also. But today we can buy any product from anywhere in the world. This is one of the most effective and useful benefits of social networks. Also it is possible to promote our business through different social networking sites. We can improve the number of customers with the help of social networks. Today many people following this procedure to promote their business all over the world.

  • Social network provide best platform for job seekers: Today, social media act as one of the best platform for job seekers. For example there is a particular page in Face book only for job seeker. Where, they post availabilities of different job opportunities for different people. So, no need to simply enquire about the job with contacting with different organization. From these kinds of pages, we can get all the details of the job opportunities available around us.

  • Apart from these advantages of social networks, it has some bad side too. We know that most of the people spend their better part of time in front of social Medias. Actually people waste their good time in front of social media. In case of students, it affects their studies and their academic marks and students tend to more social crimes with the availabilities of social networks.

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